The Risk Is ALWAYS Worth The Reward…. It’s Blatantly Obvious

As I waste away another 8 hour workday, I can’t help but feel like the biggest sucker in the world. Plowing through my 9-5 as society gives me a pat on the back for doing my part and fitting the role. Work hard and get paid a decent salary, but for what? A miserable, never ending cycle of eating horse shit for the next 40 years of my life. I think the f*ck not.

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever listened to, whether it be a house flipper or Mark Cuban himself has always said “If you make the jump and say F society you will truly start finding the ways of how this world works”.

Which if you think about it in the most simplistic terms makes the most sense. You can’t find what you’re good at until you try. You can’t find what you’re doing wrong until you fail, and you can’t find what makes you money until you just DO IT.

Yes, I might have to give up pay, I might have to give up the little things I get to enjoy with my company now, but I want out of this never ending cycle of bull shit. I want out of doing what people tell me to do. I want to take on all the risk. If I fail at least there are resume builders online. I’ll figure it out.

So society “F*ck you”… IT’S BLATANTLY OBVIOUS it’s time to start taking a little risk and chasing down some happiness.


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